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Central banks in coordinated actions VS Coronavirus. How the Wall Street and the FX market reacts so far!?

The previous weeks were really something in the market, right. Coronavirus disrupt evertyhing and the market volatility went crazy. Intraday moves reached 800 or even a 1000 pips in one direction, mostly back as well in a same day. But, there is more to come for sure, so stay alert on all actions from the central banks, who coordinatelly trying

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USD/JPY, the BOJ should charge ‘the weapon’!

Tough February for the US dollar in this pair, isn’t it!? Well, you already know that the BOJ scares investors here with the possible intervention, but in wich level they could really intervene? As I see in my Monthly chart, the pair is still supported with strong technical levels here above the 111.00, but if this level fail to hold in February, 105.00 could

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USD/JPY, Kuroda and Amari are 'driving' the Jen today!

Kuroda had crashed Jen early today with his mixed comments, Amari recovered the Japanese currency latter. After Kuroda’s speech, USD/JPY fell for almost 200 pips and stoped the fall at 122.45, after wich the pair had halted there for a while, until Amari didn’t said, that Kuroda’s speech is misunderstood in the market!? Well, what ever that means, USD/JPY has recovered

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