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GOLD, no mercy

Tough two weeks for golden bulls as US dollar buyers are serious in the market. That’s why the precious metal has almost licked 1200 today, with low of 1202.75 for now. That level is defended during the european sesion and gold rebounded for more then 120 pips, reaching 1216, where the sellers have took over once again, pushing the price down at 1209.

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GOLD, is anyone alive?

For the beginning of this artilce, all I can say is wooow! I warned of the danger before the US presidential elections and I didn’t want anything to analyze, it’s obvious that I was right. The latest moves on gold was brutal for everyone in the market and for all those traders who decided to trade, especially on the election day and this

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GOLD, yes they can

As I pointed yesterday in my gold analysis, the buyers wanted this breakout badly and we can see that they have been determinated enough. They have manage to brake 23.6 fibo and resistance level at 1263/66 today. You can see that I have waited for the right time (ascending triangle at M5) and traded this breakout as well. But, as

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