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CUPRUM COIN; crypto with $60 Billion worth underlying assets successfully launched

DUBROVNIK, Croatia, Oct. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cuprum Coin s.l.l.c. announced today the launch of the pre-sale phase of its commodity-backed cryptocurrency, with an underlying asset in the form of ultra-fine copper powder, worth over US$60 Billion. Although the launch was announced for September 15, due to minor delays, Cuprum Coin was successfully launched on October 8th. Cuprum Coin project aims to deliver value by combining Blockchain

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“The Essex boys” made a $660 million trade on April’s Crude Oil crash. Is this the greatest trade in history?

Bloomberg brings a story of the Essex traders lead by Paul Commins who made a $660 million profit in April when the Crude Oil fell bellow zero, to -$40 per barrel. I wrote about that fall here and I doubt there is a trader who wasn’t sow that fall. It was a historical event in the market. Well, there is

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US Crude Oil Inventories shows mostly positive data for the price since July, but the price is still moving in between $35 and $43 per barrel

While the Crude Oil Inventories is mostly positive for the price since July, market players don’t see any reason for move the price above $43, or they simply can’t do it? That’s how the price is stuck in between $35 and $43 from months, as I wrote recently here. Lower point and strong support is placed at $34,50-$36,00, while the

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US Crude Oil Inventories in May shows big changes from week to week. The Crude oil price is still bullish

I didn’t posted week by week data because there was big changes in US crude oil stocks during May, from positive for the price with -4.983 on May 20 . to negative for the price a week later with 7.928 million barrels. No matter the down/up changes, the price remain bullish in May with high at $40.00 per barell, today

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A total mess on Oil market with CFD’s, Futures, rollover’s and some more…

If you are an amateur retail trader you’ve probably don’t know what in the hell is  happening with Oil prices recently (I am not talking about the fall) and that’s not strange. We experienced traders are also confused, searching for the proper explanations. To be honest, I found a couple of good ones, but I can honestly say that I

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Crude oil inventories build 19.2 million. The price still flirting with $20

crude oil inventory build reached 19.248 million vs 12.7 million estimate. It was the largest weekly build on record. The private API data showed a build of 13.143M barrels gasoline inventories showed a build of 4.914M distillates showed a build of 6.28M Cushing OK crude oil build 5.724M vs 6.417M last week Gasoline demand remains depressed at 5836.4 (vs 5834.0) Crude oil demand 15.320M vs

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