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SNB with no changes

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is maintaining its expansionary monetary policy, with the aim of stabilising price developments and supporting economic activity. Interest on sight deposits at the SNB is to remain at –0.75% and the target range for the three-month Libor is unchanged at between –1.25% and –0.25%. The SNB will remain active in the foreign exchange market as necessary, while taking the

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Removing the 'CHF peg' was the right decision! Is it?

These are the words from the SNB’s Jordan after they removed the 1.20 eur/chf peg, when Swiss franc causes panic on global markets. But, 15 days latter he is not that conviced in that decision. Talking on the SRF yesterday, head of the SNB Thomas Jordan said, that they are ‘observing’ the exchange rate situation, but he mentioned for several

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SNB defended the 1.20 by cuting rates!

I wrote before two days, that SNB’s peg is in danger and that SNB must be on alert! Whell, SNB defended the peg today by cuting rates at negative (-0,25%). The pair is literally jumped 90 pips in 10 minutes, but I didn’t want to write anything before it’s settles down. Celebration didn’t last long and the pair is pulled

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