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USD/CAD, 1.3000 reached!

Exactly as I have predicted in my USD/CAD analysis from April 29., the US dollar stoped the fall near 1.2400 and retuned the price up from that level. My headline in that article was, ‘it looks like there is no end, but there is’ and you can see the result in the last 10 days. The buyers broke first resistance at 1.2750/800

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USD/CAD, 'Victoria Day' has helped the USD to recover!?

US dollar recovered strongly today vs Canadian dollar and holiday in Canada maybe helped!? You can see that the pair has reached resistance from May 07./08./11. at 1.2150/65 today with gain of 150 pips for now. Can the pair brake that and continue pushing toward 1.2350/400? Above this resistance, there is another at 1.2180/200, the resistance from May 01./04. and

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