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EUR/AUD, the bulls rules!

As I wrote in my yesterday’s EUR/AUD analysis, 3 days attack on the 1.4170/80 level was sucessfull at the end and euro broke that resistance today, after wich the pair have reached daily strong down trendline at 1.4310/20. The pair stopped there for two hours, broke trendline and move higher again to the 1.4391 high for now. The pair tested trendline from the

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EUR/AUD broke 1.4600!

Euro falling sharply despite Aussie and already lost more then 70% of November 24. –> December 17. gain. 1.4600 is important level for this pair and daily close bellow could become a strong resistance level again. If you look carefully this chart, you can see possible H&S formation, but with such a bearish euro everything is possible, even 1.3800 as well. 1.4200

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EUR/AUD, 'consolidation' between 1.42 and 1.47!

After September 12., EUR/AUD is moving between 1.42 and 1.47., literally in a few pips with support/resistance levels. After several days of wild roaler coaster, triple bottom at 1.4200 boost the pair up strongly, and finaly catch 1.47 today, for the second time in this two months period. For now, the pair is rejected again from 1.47 and slightly slide back to 1.4640/50,

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