Have you traded on 'QE rumor'? I am!

eur-aud 21.01. III

After the 1.2 trillion euros ‘QE rumor’ was out from bbg, I decided to trade EUR/AUD and took 167 pips at the end of the day! I waited for the market to settle down and digest the news, find the entry level at 1.4161 and protect the order just few minutes latter at +25 pips. 1.4210 was important support level and as you can see it was successfuly defended, after wich the pair countinue to rise toward 1.4300. My target was at 1.4412, but I decided to close it at the end of the day at 1.4328. On the lower H4 chart you can see why. All the time I followed the aud/usd pair and watch the technical levels for support at that pair, as I followed eur/usd as well. It seams that BOC help me in my trade too, but who cares. This was technically perfect trade and with perfect discipline excellent profit. On the lower H4 chart, you can see where my target was and why I decided to close my position earlier.

eur-aud 21.01. II


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