EUR/USD, the US dollar could benefit from Brexit referendum!?

mario urlic forex eur-usd 22.02.

The pair is stil moving true the down trend channel, in wich I have pointed in my EUR/USD analysis from February 19. Well, there is another crisis coming up in Europe, this time with the British referendum. As I wrote yesterday in my article about this, it’s not only a matter of GBP here, the Euro could feel the ‘heat’ as well. That’s why I have lowered the sellers targets down to 1.0950 > 1.0800 and even more in the coming period. Sure, technicaly we have suport levels in this area, starting now with Daily MA200 at 1.1052, follows 1.1000 and 1.0920/50, but I wil not be in the favor of the buyers now.



  • Ako probije 1.10000 idem short nekako se dosta muci ovdje pa cemo vidjet di ce hehe

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    • Ako dođe tu ispod 1.1000, bit će borbe oko 1.0950/20 tako da ne vidim baš taj level za short. POgledaj na mom trade-u, sada sam ga postao ovdje.


      • aha hvala na odgovoru cekat cu onda i dalje 🙂

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  • same here.. looking it falling to 1.0900 first.. then wait for candle and some candle react when it hit support..


  • Pozdrav Mario kakvo ti je misljenje o longu e/u 0910-0920?
    (da ne duzim sada sa obrazlaganjem razloga pricacacemo ako uopste smatras da long ima rezona)


  • Could we see 1.0500 ones again?


    • It’s possible if the pair fall bellow 1.0900, yes.


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