EUR/USD, 1.0500 should stop the fall!


This level could stop the EUR/USD fall! Trendline October 2008. –> June 2010. –> March 2015. and previous support from March 2003. Is it possible for the pair to go lower, not on my oppinion, but be very careful, this is crazy market! I didn’t recomend EUR/USD long to no one in the last couple of weeks, not until now, but this could be level for long positions and I don’t see for the pair to go lower in 2015. On the way up to recovery 1.1100 is the first serious resistance, 1.1500 could be the strong sellers area. What’s your oppinion traders, c’mon!?


  • christopherglendinningmiller

    What is interesting is that on eToro 70% are selling EUR/USD which means that 30% are buying. With Instaforex, it is 52.6% long, with FXCM it is 42% of trader who are long, and with Oanda it is 40.82% long. Whist clearly the cumlative vote is short, it is not by a great margin. In my opinion in a trend like this there are only two states in which to be. The first is flat and the second is short. I am in the former state have closed all my shorts only to watch it drop further – there must, there must be a rally which would allow me to re-enter short. I would hate to watch it to drop to parity and remain flat.

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  • I am in, long 1.0520. Thanks for now Mario. 🙂

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    • christopherglendinningmiller

      I never like bottom picking, though I do think that you might have a good trade. There has been 180 pip move since the London open and reason would dictate that there should be a healthy retracement. However whenever did reason become a traders skill!!!


      • christopherglendinningmiller

        Looking at the 15 minute chart it would appear that you would have entered the trade on the 13:45 EST (New York time). The candle is a very impressive dragon fly doji which is a strong bullish candle. There have subsequently been a series of inverted hanging men and as I type the price has just popped above the highs of the inverted hanging men. Thus your trade looks to be working nicely for you and hopefully it will give me a nice opportunity to re-enter short. Also the price action is now above the SAR (0.02,0.2) on the 15 minute chart which is another good sign for you. With luck we should get above the S2 pivot level and make the big 1.0600 figure by morning.

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  • I think the pair is still fall to 1.030.

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  • Never catch a faling knife

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