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The only purpose of retail trading is to make money, big! How to do it!?

Acording to statistics, more then 90% of retail forex trades are losing money. There is only one reason behind, all of them wanted to make money, big. When I say big, I mean at the big percentage on the invested capital. The biggest problem in their effort was that they couldn’t handle the risk and loss. We all know that

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20% risk, 100%+ gain, 1 trade, 1 day on real account. Check the trade and details how I did it.

In my previous two posts I have showed a large gain with high risk involved with my FXtreme Aggressive trading, but in this one I will show you how sometimes I can do it with low risk such as 20% in total. With RR ratio at the end of 1:6 this single trade made more than 120% profit . Unfortunately, it

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200% in 12 days, from 20K to 60K EUR on real account. Check the details how I did it.

Furder to my article from yesterday about 100% gain in just two days, I would like to present one more trading in which I made almost 200% in just 12 days. This trading were just before I traded the previous presented one, in March/April 2019. I don’t have a specific trades to show like in my previous post as in

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100% in two days, from 10k to 20k EUR on real account. Check the trades and details how I did it.

Traders and investors are usually sceptical when I talk about 100% or 200% possible gain in short term period like 2 or 3 months, but I will prove with my concrete posts in which I will include even a specific trades, that for some of us something like that is possible even in one day, week or less then a

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Psychology in trading

How important is psychology in trading? In fact, based on my experience, psychology is the most important part of trading. If we consider that the purpose of trading is earning money, psychology will be 90 percent of your success, everything else like; technical and fundamental analysis, experience or knowledge, market moves understanding will fitt in 10 percent. I assure you

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Review of my 6th year on forex

What can I say about 2016, my 6th year on forex!? Am I a millionaire, did I finaly succeeded? Have a reach the top of this stairs? Well, almost, but still not as I wanted. Here is the review and why I am still searching for success after 6 years by trading on forex. Success mostly comes over night in this business, right!? Yes it

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