Erasmus students on forex education in my office

As always, I am delighted when I can share my experience from the forex market to students of University of Dubrovnik, but today I had a visit from Erasmus students of 2nd year from all over Europe and that was even more exciting day for us. Students from Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan and Croatia listened me for two hours and looked live a millions of turnover in trading. I believe how they have got a honest look at the most complex market in the world, especially because I always talk a lot about the risk and the ways of reducing it to the lowest possible level. Hopefully, I will see at least one of them tomorow somewere in the financial world of speculations, managing millions or even better, billions. Student from Uzbekistan told me how he got a huge desire to work as a professional trader in the future and I hope that he will succeed. I wish all the students the best of luck in future, maybe some of them will work in Aureus Invest as well. 😉

Students of the 2nd year from Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan and Croatia
A future hedge fund manager from Uzbekistan

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