FED Interest rate decision!


19:00 h (GMT) – FED Interest rate decision and monetary policy statement! Are you ready? Most of the market players don’t expect any changes in the monetary policy at todays FOMC mitting. Market will be focused to the ‘statement language’ and possibility of rate hikes period. Could it be the fix date in June 16-17th, or at the September 16-17th FOMC meeting? I don’t belive so. But, “at considerable time”, the most common talk from FED Chair Yellen could be. If they will be more dovish then before, US dollar could be vulnerable and if we consider his strength, that coud be the possible talk scenario!? Let’s wait and see what will happen? I don’t expect a strong moves if there will be no surprises from FED. Current interest rate is 0,25%.

One comment

  • Same old same story but, they didn’t mention us dollar strenght at all and that could be a reason for usd bulls to run, again!


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