GOLD, ‘Brexit fear’ erased


We could say, finaly the Brexit fear is erased, right!? The sellers have continue with strong pressure today after huge fall on Tuesday and they have reached 1250/53 support level, which could hold them for a while, or!? Gold also broke the daily MA200, but what to say about that. In this week, the sellers have broke everything what was on the way down and buyers must be careful here as well. Who knows where they are, is there any? If they have balls, they would push the precious metal back to 1282, but…they probably don’t. 🙂


Update: Strong pressure on the support 1250. Let’s see can this level hold the sellers?



  • Ovaj M5 ti je odličan. Kako idu detaljno.

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    • Kad je padalo u utorak, pratio sam na M1 proboj supporta na 1290 i kasnije, tek tamo možeš vidjeti kako ga detaljno vode. Baci pogled.


      • Inače ne gledam tako mali TF, ali ću početi definitivno. 🙂

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  • It is tough decision to go long on bearish pressure like this, right?

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    • True, I didn’t see such a pressure here for a long time.


  • hey” SNIPER ”
    you are rite, it has now become game of real ball’s for the buyer’s…….


  • hi Mario

    is it safe to still go short on the gold?

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    • It looks like that yes, despite everything on the way. But, it’s really oversold heavily.


  • Znači, idemo long ovdje na 1253, target 1282? 🙂

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    • Ako imaš muda, hahah. 🙂


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