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Stathakis, Greece is rescued!?

Acording to the BBC, Greece’s economy minister Giorgos Stathakis have said that he believes Greece’s new proposal is acceptable and that there is basis for the formal agreement with Athens to complete the current bailout programme and release €7.2bn of vital funds. EUR/USD is shy with 1.1407 high for now, but it looks like that 1.1460 could be attacked!? EUR/AUD is looking

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Greek debt in numbers and what is the solution?

Greece is in focus again, let’s see how the debt looks like in numbers by its creditors. Greek government debt stands at 323 billion euros, over 175% of the country’s GDP. About 246 billion euros was lent by other countries in the eurozone, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. But, which country has most exposure? As you can see,

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Germany VS Greece!

Acording to Bloomberg, Germany rejected Greece’s request for an extension of its aid program, saying its offer doesn’t meet the euro region’s conditions for continuing aid. The Greek government is trying to agree bridge-financing without meeting the conditions of its existing rescue program, German Finance Ministry Spokesman Martin Jaeger said in an e-mailed statement. European Commission Spokesman Margaritis Schinas moments

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