Monday, the judgement day for Greece! How the market could react?

ATM Greece

I was in the market with the crisis in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece before, (it’s always Greece)… Well, it’s not easy to trade in the times like that, I’ve been there and try that for several times. All debt criss, deal or not, day by day, week by week, etc. The market is to nervous and the traders don’t know what to, at least the individual ones. But, on the other side there is huge players, market makers who control everything in some reasonable limits. Based on the huge Greek drama, you can see that the Euro is holding very well in the market vs US dollar in the past few weeks, even near the 2015. high levels. Whether it is because of the faith in the possible deal, or something else, it’s nice to see that there is no big drama in the market for now. But, what if the deal failed in Monday? Is Tsipras crazy enough to reject the deal and push the Greece in agony of hard recovery that could take decades? He shows that he is crazy enough for now. Who knows, everthing is possible on Monday too. If the deal on Monday fails, Greece imminent bancruptcy is on, the banks could run out of cash, the real drama can begin! In that case, the reaction in the market could be dramatic as well, until it setlles down. Otherwise, if the Greece reach the deal, the market could react and celebrate, but limited, not dramatic. Well, that’s my personal point of view. I know it’s hard not to trade, everyone want’s to take the big opportunity, but think on the other negative side as well. The reaction can be devastating for your account. So, the best choice will be not to trade and wait for the solution, deal or not! After all, let the market makers to do their job and to calm the market. There is so many great opportunities in the market every day, the reasonable ones, calculated ones, analyzed ones… This is not that opportunity, don’t gamble!

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