FED, Interest rate decision!

mario urlic fed janet-yeallen

Can we see another surprise in March after ECB’s from the last week? Why not!? The market reaction was strong, but totaly oposite from the expectation. Whether it was preparing for today’s surprise from FED? It’s possible. If FED raise rates today, the US dollar gain could be limited, if we take a look where it was on end of February. Maybe this is good chance for FED to react on time, if they want to hike in a first place, because they certainly don’t want for the US dollar to be too strong in the market. They said, they will hike in 2016. and I think it’s better now, then in June or in September. Important economic numbers are not bad for this decision, if we take a look at the reason’s for December’s hike. Let’s see are they thinking the same as me, or they will wait!? It looks to me as the market is waiting for hike. Buckle up again traders!

18:00 h (GMT) – FED Interest rate decision!!! > Previous 0.5%, Expectation 0.5%. Update 0.5%! > There is no surprises, FED leave rates unchanged!

18:00 h (GMT) – FOMC Economic projections!!!

18:30 h (GMT) – FED Monetary policy statement and Press conference!!! Watch Yellen LIVE here.



  • No changes in rates, but the press could turn this backward.


    • Well, I was set short on gold and stoped out. Now, I will just follow the press and moves. 😉


  • Kad tako gledaš moguće je, trenutak je stvarno dobar.

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  • Great view Mario, thank you. We wil see?

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  • And I think it’s better now(hike), because in june is also Brexit referendum, and in september is early period of the year when they started the great crises 🙂 And, as i wrote in January, S&P and Dow Jones not look good.

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  • Thanks a lot I can learn from the master analysis and sorry I always share the analysis of master …

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  • bogo-kokox koko

    i think it will be the old story-waiting for more positive economic indicators

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