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I choose these specific analysis and predictions because of the amaizing accuracy and timing. In these personal predictions, you can see my simple, but high expertise in technical analysis, as well as a phenomenal knowledge and understanding of the psychology of the market,  moves in various currency pairs, gold, crude oil and stock market indices, and all based on the long term fundamental background. Here are my best short term, middle term and long term predictions from 2015 and 2016. My domain at that time was From 2017 until 2020 I didn’t wrote the analysis.


WTI crude price prediction for 2015 (long term)

wti crude price prediction

I don’t analyse WTI crude oil often, but in December 10.2014. I have made an analysis and my view for the price in 2015. The move in 2015. happen exactly as I predicted. After the WTI crude oil price fall bellow 60 usd, there was no chance for same to recover above, and that level has become strong resistance in 2015. after wich it was just a matter of time when the price will go toward my predicted support level, at aprox 33 usd. As I wrote in my headline in December 2014., “Crude oil is heading to the last support before abyss.” Exactly a year latter, in December 2015., the price fell to 34, where the buyers have stoped the fall and return the price to 38, but in the beginning of the 2016. this level is attacked again and it would be very interesting to see, where the price will go in 2016. My analysis and price projection for the WTI crude in 2015. wasn’t only from the technical side, but from fundamental side as well, based on the global economy and crises caused with high prices from this sector, as one of the most important. Original article here>

Gold price prediction for 2015 (long term)

mario urlic forex reference 08

In the beginning of the year, at January 03., I have made a gold analysis and price move prediction for 2015. My predicted price range was in between 1350/1400 on the uper side and 950/1000 on the down side. In my analysis I was pointed for possible bulls attack at first, after wich the bears will take over and push the price down toward 1000 and that was the exact move in 2015. The buyers have pushed the price in January to 1308 and that was the high of the year, after wich the selleres have took over the price and push it down true the year with not much reversal, all the way to 1046 low in December. Gold price was open 2015. at 1160, it will ended at aprox 1067, which shows another bearish year for the precious metal. As I wrote in my analysis from the begininng of the year, I don’t expect for price to be calm as in 2014. where gold price was down for only 1,7% at the end of the year, in 2015. gold price lost 8% of the value.  Original article here>

+400 pips EUR/USD prediction! (short term)

mario urlic forex reference 07

At the end of the November, the entire market was expecting furder decline of the EUR/USD and I was pointed and predict for a possible strong boost up from the 1.0550 level at November 25. My target was 1.0850 and only few days latter at December 03., after two fail attempts, the pair fly strongly up for more then 400 pips after ECB’s meeting, reached almost 1.1000. The biggest daily gain in this pair for a long, long time. After this huge surprise for the bears, the pair settle down at 1.0850/70 and close the week at the old/new support, where the bulls are holding defend line in this new week. The bears must be still in shock and the bulls will try to reach daily MA200 and 100 next, that’s for sure. I rarely showing on the possible movements in the market, but when I point at something like this, it turns out that I was right and accurate. This post is intended for those who want to see my analysis and predictions, on the basis of which I trade in the market. It’s rear to find something like this, isn’t it!? Experience and expertise from wich I pull out the best results what you can find in the market. Original article here>

+700 pips GOLD prediction! (middle term)

mario urlic forex reference 06

Even better analysis and possible move prediction I have made on November 24., at my favorite gold. After the gold was supported at 1065/70, when gold price was at 1074 I have predicted furder fall toward 1045/50, after wich I have pointed to possible boost up to 1085. A few days latter at December 03., the gold fell to 1046, exactly at my pointed support, where the buyers have took over the precious metal and in the next two days they have boost it up to 1088, a few pips over my predicted resistance and sellers teritory. The gold retreet back to the previous support at 1065/70 in the last two days. This in another proof of my expertise and the uniqe view of the market moves in the same week, in wich I have made an exact prediction of more then 700 pips short term move on gold. Original article here> 

+1000 pips and EUR/USD 2015. price prediction! (long term)

mario urlic forex reference 05

I’m sure that many of you remember my EUR/USD analysis from March 11., when I have predicted the turning point for the EUR/USD at aprox 1.0500 level. This was one of my most read article in 2015. and that was my first suggestion for long entry in a long time, while the pair was falling for weeks like a rock. The whole market was predicting parity between the EUR/USD and I am sure that this was uniqe analysis and long term prediction for 2015. in the FX market. That level has confirmed as a strong buyers level, what was proved as doubble support in 2015. and it showed that this wasn’t coincidence in the time I was wrote this prediction. Well, the pair opened 2015. at 1.1936 and it will ended somewhere near 1.0900, what means that the euro has lost aprox 9% of his value vs US dollar in 2015. The euro weakness wasn’t strange because we was aware of the ECB’s strong monetary messures during the past year and a half, and on the other side in anticipation of tightening of the FED’s monetary messures in 2015. The euro has recovered from 1.0500 in March, but the resistance in wich I was pointed at 1.1500 was unbreakable for a whole year, except ones, when the sellers have search for huge liquidity all the way to 1.1700. Original article here>

mario urlic forex reference 04


+1000 pips GOLD prediction! (middle term)

mario urlic forex reference 03

I am sure that many of you remember my gold analysis and prediction from July 31. when I have analysed gold and predict the turnover from 1080 to 1150 > 1165! 20 days latter gold reached my predicted level. Original article here>


+500 pips USD/JPY prediction (middle term)


On March 24. I have predicted a possible attack and break of the very important support on the USD/JPY pair. 6 days latter the sellers have attacked and broke the same, reached 107.65 support, on which the pair found a buyers for a while. Original article here >>>

+400 pips USD/CHF prediction (middle term)


This is another one middle term analysis and prediction from my blog in 2016. the USD/CHF 300 pips move and turnover. As you can see, I predicted at first fall to 0.9500 level from 0.9611 and then turnover up to 0.9800, what exeactly happened in the next 16 days. This pair was not favorable to me and I didn’t analyse the same much, but I wanted to show a various currency pair analysis and move predictions in my blog. Original article here >>> 

+500 pips USD/CAD prediction (middle term)


Here is one analysis and prediction of the USD/CAD move, with +500 pips target, reached 6 days latter. Falling true the downtrend channel and supported from lower line, turnover and sharp rebound true the first until the second resistance level. Original article here >>>

+500 pips GOLD prediction (middle term)


Here is one of the few amaizing analysis and predictions of my favorite trading instrument, gold. As You can see, I predcicted and pointed the strong resistance area and first and second target for the sellers if they tahe over the precious metal at 1282. They did and only 5 days latter, they have reached my predicted second target at 1227/32. Original article here >>>

+600 pips GOLD prediction (middle term)


There is olso this one from June, after gold returned a lost teritory and broke some important levels on the way up, I have predicted a 600 pips possible target, step by step on three levels. As you can see, that’s exactly happened and the buyers have reached the third target at 1310 only couple of days latter. What interesting is in this analyls and prediction was, how I precisely have marked the targets and resistances in only 1 usd. That’s why my nickname is ‘the Sniper’. Original article here >>>

+600 pips GBP/USD prediction and trade (short term)


In this example I wanted to show my expertise not just in analysing, but in trading as well. I decided to take a 600+ pips target at the GBP/USD before Brexit referendum, as I have analyse this pair in a pip those days. Not only that this trade was one of my best trades by amount, but the same also showed my calmness and patience during this two days. As You can see, I was followed the same technically all the way to the target. Original artical here >>>

+900 pips AUD/USD prediction (middle term)


Well, this is probably one of the best analysis and predictions you will ever see in the market. My AUD/USD prediction of 900+ pips move, but take a look the way I did it and how I marked the 1-2-3-4 move. This the art of analysing and I am proud to have something like this in my blog, which I showed before the move and present the same latter on. The original article here >>>


I have reduced writting of analysis in public in 2017 and only pair which I have followed here was the EUR/USD. This is the result of my predicion after the pair broke 2 years resistance.

1000 pips EUR/USD prediction (long term)

aureus invest eur-usd prediction 2017-2018

After I predicted the EUR/USD bottom and the resistance due the 2015, on August 02. 2017 I have analyzed the eur/usd again and showed potential target for the end of 2017, as well as the support under which the euro will not go any more in 2017. Six months latter, you can see how everything developed in the most important currency pair. True, the pair didn’t manage to reach my target by the end of 2017 as I wrote, but in the very beginning of 2018 here we are, my target is hitted with high of 1.2537 today.  As you can see in my chart, the support what I have pointed was extremely accurate in the same time and the pair didn’t manage to break 1.1500, as I’ve pointed in my analysis on August 02.

Sure, I’ve followed the move for few times after this predicion on smaller TF’s and showed the potential outcome during it. Now, in the beginning of the new year, we can read the predictions of the EUR/USD, potential targets from the banks and very important analysts which are pointing this level, but we didn’t sow that before when I wrote about it, when that was actually important.  Everybody can see that now, I don’t see the point? Same as I was called the 1.500 as a botom and potential reversal point in 2015, when everyone else called a parity on the EUR/USD.

Well, this proves once again what is the real advantage of the Aureus Invest  team and how we combine the fundaments and TA’s. Give us your trust investors, let’s create the future together.

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