GOLD, possible turnover!?

179 mario urlic gold july 31.

I am still on vacation, but I am looking at the market from time to time and I’ve notice something interesting on gold. Sure, it’s not indicated what happens before, but it could be something worth to watch and consider about. Take a look at this levels and possible turnover here. 1070/80 is the key support for now, if gold bounce from here, possible brake of this daily down trendline (1100) could add more boost to gold, all the way to the previous strong support at 1140/50. Today it’s the end of the July and August could show something deferent here if this level holds. Gold is falling for 6 weeks in a row like there is no end, but sometimes must stop and take a break. I know that I will take more break, it’s to hot here. 🙂


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