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When to close a loosing trade!?

I know how many of you have bad experience with your loosing trades, which can become a total nightmare if you don’t react on time. At first, I can write that the most secure way to avoid a huge loss is to place a SL at each one of your trades. I know, you think how market collect’s you SL’s

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Erasmus students loves my educations

A small group of Erasmus students visited me again, to learn about Forex from the expert. Apon the agreement with the University of Dubrovnik, they came for a two hours lecturing in which I tried to explain the basics of currencies, market and trading. In the first hour my lecture was focused on central banks, interest rates and fundamental analysis,

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Psychology in trading

How important is psychology in trading? In fact, based on my experience, psychology is the most important part of trading. If we consider that the purpose of trading is earning money, psychology will be 90 percent of your success, everything else like; technical and fundamental analysis, experience or knowledge, market moves understanding will fitt in 10 percent. I assure you

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