Podcast interview with Mario Urlic, by Raman Gill

Raman Gill and Mario Urlic

I recently got an invitation from Raman Gill (Trading with Venus) to participate in podcast interview how to explain my road to success. Sure, as I always want to share my experience with fellow traders worldwide I accepted the invitation. Well, it’s hard to put a 15 years of trading experience in 25 minutes interview, but I did my best and I hope that you will like what I have said. Sure, as I’ve listened the interview today, there is some chapters which I would probably changed a bit, because it seams to me how they are unclear, but I hope you will understand the most of what I wanted to explain. As I see, few times I was lost a bit in English, LoL 🙂 hahah. Enjoy.


Raman Gill and Mario Urlic2

Click on the picture for interview

As I see, there is a little bit AUDIO dificulties, but unfortunately, that’s not up to me. 😦

(01:22) A Brief Biography of Mario Urlic

(02:36) The Traders Journey

(04:25) Comparison of Forex Trading and Stock Trading

(05:47) Overcoming Challenges for Forex Trading Success

(07:35) The Challenges of being Consistently Profitable in Forex

(10:22) Overcoming Psychological Struggle in Forex Trading

(12:17) Trading Tips and Strategies

(14:38) Building Forex Trading Strategy for Consistent Trading Results

(18:16) Keys to Success: Read Useful Trading Resources & Keep Learning from Successful Traders

(20:11) Developing Good Trading Habits


  • Following you was the best decision in my “learning to trade” proccess. Thank you for everything you wrote for us in the past couple of years Mario.


  • vecina stalno govori o nekom strahu i psihologiji.. strah dolazi sa neznanjem a upravo to stanje neznanja nas cini neuspjesnima.. naucio iz iskustva.. sjecam se kad sam prvi put sjeo u auto.. strah je bio prisutan jer nisam znao voziti.. kada sam naucio shvatih da nema nista lakse na svijetu.. isto je i sa trejdanjem.. ako znas kaj radis bit ces uspjesan ko i sa autom.. kada nestane strah znaci da si naucio kaj treba i kako raditi.. meni je trading doslovno rutina danas ko i svaka druga zivotna obaveza.. stvar je razumjevanja. nemozes raditi nesto sto ne razumijes.. svima nam je jasno da stvar ide ili gore ili dole, ako ne razumijemo gdje kada i zasto normalno da se bojimo i grijesimo..tako da uspjeh lezi u jedino u znanju i razumjevanju..


  • Jako interesantno i dosta iskreno Mario, hvala što si svoj put podijelio sa nama.

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