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EUR/CHF, after the storm!

Finaly, we could see some technical clear levels here. Based on this M30 chart, we can see that 0.9730/50 is possible stronger support for the pair and 1.0220/40 resistance for now. That’s not small 500 pips range, but for sure is something we could take as a relevant technical points for now, after the smash what was made by the ‘SNB cap

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SNB removes 1.20 cap and cut rates to -0,75%!

Wow, wow, wow! Is that surprise or what!? EUR/CHF fall to 1.0200, USD/CHF to 0.8400! Is this might be expected? Edit: It seams that EUR/CHF is now at 1.0500, USD/CHF at 0.8800, but trading platforms are ‘dead’ and we must wait a while for the brokers and providers, to setle this mess. There is some reports who said that the EUR/CHF low

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