SNB removes 1.20 cap and cut rates to -0,75%!

white flag

Wow, wow, wow! Is that surprise or what!? EUR/CHF falls to 1.0200, USD/CHF to 0.8400! Is this might be expected? I wrote how the peg is in danger for two times in the last 30 days and how the SNB is doing everything to save it. Well, they obviously decided to remove the same.

Edit: It seams that EUR/CHF is now at 1.0500, USD/CHF at 0.8800, but trading platforms are ‘dead’ and we must wait a while for the brokers and providers, to setle this mess. There is some reports who said that the EUR/CHF low was 0.8517!

SNB’s Jordan press conference at 12:15 (GMT). I don’t recomend trading at CHF pairs.

eur-chf 15.01.

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