GOLD, another great prediction!

mario urlic forex gold 24.05.

If you take a look at my gold analysis from May 16. this is the level on wich I have pointed as possible target for the sellers. They have reached 1230 low today for now and the complete recent gain from end of the April is erased. 1282/87 fail break was indication for me that this could happen here and I followed the move with my short positions on gold, which I have also described here few days ago. The stock markets have huge gains today and it’s normal for gold to melt furder, we will see where is the end? Despite this huge strenght from the sellers this level should hold for now, but if this level breaks, there is trend line at 1220, after wich daily MA100 at 1212 is the next target for the sellers, 1208 the next one. Current support at 1227/32 could become a strong resistance in the coming days if the buyers fail to hold. Sellers looks determinated enough and it will be interesting to follow the move and this fight.


  • Another Great Predction…Mr Mario You Always share Great Setup…. Off Topic but i am very sad and disappoint when i see in facebook some scammers are try to use your ideas and cheating with you making fake facebook accounts… in this world when someone Honest Person try to help others peoples for free who are losing money in this market.then scammers worried and try to attack against you because you are very honest person and try to teach and save the people from such scammers Peoples.such Scammers Peoples want to destroy or disheart you so that you may stop the work for beginers so that they can get again opportunity to scam with peoples. But i think that these Scammers can do nothing with you…you are doing Great Job…i have No words For you great work..I have Never Seen any Person in this market like you who is doing great work for Peoples and without any purpose….. Respect . Respect. Respect/

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    • Thank you Innam for you’re kind words. Well, it’s a cruel world and don’t think that such actions are not coming from very serious people who don’t want from me to write on this way. I don’t have enough time to write any more, but when ever I catch an opportunity I will write something and try to help. There is huge job in front of me now and must dedicate full time on that because I invested a huge money and several years in this job. Thanks again! 😉

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