Crude oil 'WTI' is heading to the last support before abyss!

mario urlic WTI crude oil 10.12.

If we remember 2008. and WTI free fall from 147 to 35 usd from July until December, everything is possible here. Last technical strong support ‘station’ at 58/60 is waiting and after that level, there is no stronger support before 33/35. Usualy I don’t analyse WTI, but watching at this fall it’s start to be interesting. There is a lot of global ‘stories’ related to this decline, political, economic, but most of all I see this ‘technical story’. And, this is looking ugly now! If 58/60 level breaks and it could, it will become a strong resistance level and we could see the price heading 33/35 in the up coming months. We will see was I right with this prediction in 2015., because I will not analyse WTI Crude often.

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