Are you ready for Mr.Draghi?

The European Central Bank's new chief Ma

12:45 h (GMT) – ECB Interest rate decision, 13:30 h (GMT) – ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference! LIVE here! 

How much QE will ECB realy deliver today? 500 billion? 1 trillion? Yesterdays rumor said, ECB will deliver 1.1 trillion, or 50 billion per month, starting in April 2014. until end of the 2016. But, that is not official decision and nobody could realy know what would Mr.Draghi and ECB executive bord launch today. You can see, that yesterdays rumor didn’t move EUR/USD nowere at the end and that’s an indication that market does not know the decision of the ECB. So, all we could do is wait for the official decision and stay away from the market until is done.


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