FED on hold with rates 》0.5%


It’s September and what now? The possibility of raising interest rates today is very small, but you saw how the market reacts to the current threats, like on BoJ’s decision from this morning and latter on the day during the Press Conference. The central bankers are leading this game and we must dance as they play. That’s why you should be extremely careful on each decision and especialy latter on when they speek. Dovish or hawkish? Well, that’s important right!? Yes it is short term, or let’s say extra short term. I know that you’re searching true the web for the holly grail or whether they will hike or not, but that’s the information which can’t be found. All you should do is to wait and see what to do after. If you see the oppportunity, trade quickly and take the money fast. Because, this is the period in wich you’re stop losses are in danger all the time each minute and if you don’t take the money from the market, the market will take that money from you. Be careful, the big boys are watching and chasing!

19:00 h (London time) > FOMC Economic Projections!!!

19:00 h (London time) > FED Interest Rate Decision!!! Previous 0.5% > Consensus 0.5% ● Update, curretnt 》0.5%

19:00 h (London time) > FED’s Monetary Policy Statement!!!

19:30 h (London time) > FOMC Press Conference!!!



  • I ja mislim nista ovaj put,ali bar da kaze da ce do N.Godine i to bi podrzalo USD.Svi igraju igre jedino je BOE bio ozbiljan a GBP tone i tone,blizi se vatromet uzivajte dragi prijatelji…Izgleda da smo svi na klupi.

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  • Ostat će kamate na istome ovdje, ali zašto ne analiziraš ništa više? 😦

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    • Da, vjerujem i ja da će ostati na 0.5%. Neda mi se da ti budem iskren, malo mi dosadilo, a i dosta trgujem pa sam fokusiran na sebe 100%.


  • hey”SNIPER”,
    i have just ordered the pop-corn to just sit on my chair and enjoy the show…………..

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    • That’s nice. This show from BOJ was too early and now you can enjoy. 😉


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