GBP/USD, US dollar is back!

gbp-usd 05.05.

Surely you remember my predicted 1.5500 target for the Ponud in my GBP/USD previous analysis. Well, the Pound has reached that level last week at April 29., after wich has literally smashed down all the way to 1.5146, where the pair closed last week. Weekly chart looks preaty ugly now, isn’t it. What do we have now? 1.5170/200 is strong resistance again, as you can se, the 23.6 fibo return of the huge Pound fall, which is fail weekly brake now. On the way down, the Pound is holding at 1.5090/100 for now, looks like solid support, lower there is 1.4950/500 and that could be the strong support for this pair. US dollar is back!

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