GOLD, look how accurate my analysis are

mario urlic forex gold 16.06.

On June 08. I made gold analysis and prediction of the next move and possible targets in the next few days. How accurate this analysis was, you can see on this chart step by step. All three steps/targets was predicted exactly with top price of the resistance area. At first 1265, the second step at 1287 and the last one today at 1310. Be aware of the fear in the market, in front of the next week and that’s why the gold could continue to move higher. When I made this analysis, I predicted all three steps in advance based on technical analysis, but I combine the move with the current situation in the market, at first with the Brexit referendum in June and with yesterday’s predicted FOMC meeting and rate decision to stay on hold. That’s why I wrote the article about the Forex trading floors before two days. Read that article and see what is the most important in you’re trading decisions and analysis. I know it’s not easy to combine all in one and predict something like this in advance, but this is the only way to become serious  and highly profitable trader in the forex market.


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