After a successful business deal, it’s time for the summer holidays

beach drasnice croatia

The last few days have been very interesting for me, during which I finally and successfully arranged a business deal I sought for years. I can finally relax and spend some free time on the beach with my family and friends. I will trade, but I will take a break from writing the blog for 15-20 days and then I will see if I will have a time to write as usual.

After all I’ve been through in the market, I can say that hard work pays off for sure. Just never give up and always push forward. Good luck.



  • hello MARIO URLIC,
    I hope you are enjoying you small vacation but what is small for you maybe too long for few here on this blog

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    • Sorry, but blog is not in my priorities now, have much to do in August. It’s not that I am on vacation, I am working hard.


  • congratulations Mario Urlic and as a selfish person I would like you to come back soon as looking over your shoulder has become part of everyday activity..


    • Thanks Hiren, will be back eventually. I just want to take some time to arange everything as supposed to be and relex a while in between. I am adicted to this blog I quess. 🙂


  • Mario moj,hvala ti na svim dosadasnjim analizama te ti zelim prekrasan i miran odmor sa svojom obiteji uz povremeno skicanje na trzistu! U Z I V A J

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    • Nema na čemu i hvala. 😉

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  • Congratulations Mr Mario….best wishes for you

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    • Thanks. 😉

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      • welcome


  • Congratulations and good luck!

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