GOLD, sellers in control!

mario urlic gold 24.11.

There is no shine for gold here, the sellers are still in control. The previous strong support from July/August at 1075/80 is turn up in to strong resistance now and the buyers can’t turnover the shiny metal for now, it’s not that they didn’t try. Daily down trend line is holding on the way up as well and it’s possible for the buyers to retreet lower toward 1045/50 and then search for the new opportunity to attack 1085 and 1100 after. 1065/70 is holding on the way down for now, but if that support breaks, we could see this possible scenario here. Gold is bullish today, it’s possible because of the Russian/Turkey plane crash conflict, but technical levels are holding and that’s the sign that traders are not so afraid for now. In the last 20 days, the gold has turn up in positive only on Paris attack day and today in this conflict. Let’s see what next!?

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