EUR/USD, details of my prediction


I see that many of you (104 views) have sow my prediction on possible EUR/USD move during the ECB’s press conference, but I hope that you are well-read what I wrote in my analysis, not only look at the picture. Because, everything I wrote was exactly as I predicted. At first, the pair flew up at the resistance level 1.1020, where the sellers have took over and on Mr.Drgahi’s answer about QE tapering, they have pushed the pair strongly down to the support at 1.0920. The buyers have stoped the fall exactly at the support zone, but recovery was limited at 1.0950, where the sellers have took over again, as I said it wil happen if Mr.Draghy deny the rumor about the possibility of QE tapering. And, he said clearly that they have never disquss about that! As I wrote yesterday, if that happen at the press conference, the pressure on the euro will continue furder and the support zone 1.0900/20 will be in danger. It’s broken. Well, as I always wrote, read my analysis carefully because I combine everything when I made a predictions on possible moves. I hope you did. 😉

Btw. As I wrote and pointed yesterday as well, this teritory is where the buyers are placed all the way to 1.0800/20 and the question is from were the pair could bounce, but as I see it, the pair could recover from here in between the 1.0900 and 1.0800. We will see that soon.


  • Actually, I am not a professional. my goal is 10-15% per year. Professionals are like you mario, who can make $1,300 to $130,000.

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  • Hahaha, “You always” and he is never here. Kraljuuuuu, kako ga nađeš. Ahahh 🙂 Ma pusti priču zavidnih mamlaza.

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    • Francuzi, tko će njih razumijeti? 🙂 Nema veze, ima čovjek pravo na drugačije mišljenje, neka piše slobodno, zašto ne.


  • He probably lost money yesterday Mario, don’t pay attention on something like this. I am trading for more than 4 years and find you’re analysis very useful for me. Just keep on like this when you have time, I know you are busy man. Congratulations on everything you wrote until today.


  • Hi.

    Sorry, but your analysis is behind the curve. You always want to convince others and yourself how right you are about something. But you are doing ok for newbie traders that are reading your stuff. But I am 100% sure that your post are read only by traders who are not in this market for more than a year.

    BTW your arrows showed something totally different compare to how market moved. And EURUSD did not continue down because they denied QE, but because they gave a hint for an important meeting in December in which they will likely expand QE for another 6 months, and thats why DAX went up while EUR fell, but inter market-analysis is probably something that is just too much for you.

    On another note; your investment plan on FXextreme is just silly as it sounds…

    But dont get me wrong, you are on a good road, but need more knowledge first before you can spread it around.

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    • Thank you very much Mark, I appreciate you’re comment. Especilay as you said, that only newbies are coming to my blog and read my analysis. I know that and that’s why I try to simplify everything as much as I can.

      I want to convince others and myself that my prediction was right and it didn’t? Interesting view, that’s all I have to say about that.

      Answer about the QE tapering rumor was “the concrete reason” of the fall, while “the possibility” of QE expand in December is Mr.Draghi’s way of dirty talk, when he don’t have a concrete monetary messures on that day. It’s not a first time when he “act” in the market like that and all in order how how to weaken the euro.

      Btw. My FXtreme is silly as it sounds? Well, it might be, we will see soon how will end it.

      But, what I like is that the professionals like you are also come here and read my silly articles, not only newbies. You said to me “you always try to convince others” what means that you’re here all the time as well. I am proud to have you as a proffesional trader here now and I know you will be here in the future, to see more interesting things from me, right!? Because, what I predict in the market, you can only see here, nowhere else. I hope that you use my predictions and make money for you’re hedge fund. 😉

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