My NFP EUR/USD and GOLD trades, the art of trading

mario urlic forex eur-usd nfp trade 06.05.

At first, I will show you my EUR/USD pre NFP and NFP trade, how I did it and why!? Everything is writen in my chart and you can see clearly why I have opened short trade yesterday after support level was broken, why I have closed the same manualy on the next confirmed support and opened a new, the long one today before NFP data, again after resistance level was broken. You can see how and were I have protected my orders and of course, I was expected lower NFP numbers today and reaction like this. That’s why I have choose this trade, gold long as well. I was little late on closing here today, because I was more focused in my gold trade, but 106 pips in total here was enough, after 77 pips on the AUD/USD trade last night and gold trade is coming up…

mario urlic forex gold nfp trade 06.05.

Here is my Gold NFP trade and description how I did it. As You can see, here I had a little different reason for my long entry, after triangle break on uptrend support levels. I was sure that my position and protection will be safe after data and that’s exactly happened here. After the precious metal price reached 3rd resistance, I closed my long position manualy at 1292.77 and you can see what happened later, the price returned back to 1284. I took 140 pips in this trade and with my AUD/USD and EUR/USD trades, I have in total 323 pips gain in the last 4 trades. What a phenomenal trades, which describes me the best way, my experience and my fantastic FXstreme strategy. This is just a beginning of my new ‘FXtreme 500’ project, but I will write about that here eventualy. Study my trades and my reasons for entry, how I protect my positions, where, why i how I close my orders…

mario urlic trades

What I have wrote in my AUD/USD article, this is all what it takes to be a great trader and it’s not only the technical analysis what you need to be good in this job. This is fantastic understanding of the market moves, how the same will react on important economic news, why and where the price will go… This is also the patience and calmness in the entrance of the position, as well as rapid response when necessary to get out of it. This is all what it takes to be the best forex trader in the world! I will show you soon that I am. Enjoy you’re weekend guys. 😉


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