USD/JPY, dollar strikes back!

mario urlic forex usd-jpy 22.04.

Sure, exactly how I predicted and describe in my USD/JPY analysis from April 13. In the last week, the pair found resistance at the 109.30/60 level, as I wrote and the strong buyers were ready in the beginning of this week at the 107.60 level. I draw that weekly resistance level and trendline support last week and the pair moved exactly based on them. It’s the same thing what I wrote about in my last USD/JPY analysis, ‘you need the see the market ahead’. The resistance level is all the way to 111.20 and the question is who is ready to sell now? Would you, because I am not sure in wich level the buyers would like to close this week!?

‘The only source of knowledge is experience.’ – Albert Einsten


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