USD/JPY, you need to see the market ahead!

mario urlic forex usd-jpy April 20.

This is what I have predicted in my USD/JPY analysis from March 24., after the pair reached strong resistance area. This prediction was not only from the technical perspective, but because all the previous moves and developments in this pair, which I followed for weeks and what made me to see this possible move, analysis from March 17./18. as well. I always write that there is so many factors which are important to make a good trading decision and you must have them all in you’re head when you analyse and search for a perfect place for entry. Not only for great entry, but for the possible great move of several hundred pips. Search for the oppotunity 10 or 15 days before it happen, analyse previous moves, why and how it happens. You have to feel the market and you have to think like the big players, no matter how small you are in the market. That’s how I made all of my analysis and predictions and that’s why I made a great results in the market. Take a look at some of my greatest predictions from 2015. 

‘Great trades doesn’t come impulsively. For them you need a huge preparation and the right timing’.  – Mario Urlić


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