US Crude Oil Inventories in May shows big changes from week to week. The Crude oil price is still bullish

Crude invetories May 2020

I didn’t posted week by week data because there was big changes in US crude oil stocks during May, from positive for the price with -4.983 on May 20 . to negative for the price a week later with 7.928 million barrels. No matter the down/up changes, the price remain bullish in May with high at $40.00 per barell, today at $39.00 during the writing of this article.

Crude oil June 16.2020

It’s not easy to analyse the Crude Oil recently after the collapse in April. I trade quickly short term and only intraday based on smaller TF’s.

We will see the Crude Oil inventories data today (private) and tomorow official how to  determine a possible furder direction.

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