GOLD, the consolidation true the ascending triangle is almost over, what next?


I am following gold and this move true the ascending triangle and I try to predict what might be the next move here. As it looks like, the buyers are in control in the last four days, but it’s not a rule that the move could be on their side, it could be slide as well if this up trend line will be broken. It could be a fail brake as well on both sides and this is the beauty of this business, to figure out how the big players will try to fool the small players in the market. The buyers are limited on the way up at 1230/32 for now, but they broke H1/MA100 in about 15 minutes. Is this a first sign that they will try to brake 1230/32 as well today, or they will search a bigger liquidity lower once again. Can sellers take over here? Sure they can, as we can see they are holding the line and they are tough. What’s you’re view traders?

If buyers manage to brake this resistance at 1230/32, then 23.6 fibo is waiting as the next one at 1240/42, the stronger on is waiting at 1250. On the way down, first support bellow the trend line is 1220/22, follows 1210/15 and the strong one at 1190/1200. Let’s see the move!?

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