USD/JPY, the BOJ should charge ‘the weapon’!

mario urlic forex usd-jpy 23.02.

Tough February for the US dollar in this pair, isn’t it!? Well, you already know that the BOJ scares investors here with the possible intervention, but in wich level they could really intervene? As I see in my Monthly chart, the pair is still supported with strong technical levels here above the 111.00, but if this level fail to hold in February, 105.00 could be the next target for the ‘safe haeven’ lovers. That could be the place for the BOJ to intervene in my point of view, not above that. All we could do is to wait and see what will happen, because I don’t like to be somewhere where the Central Bank is ready to react on any time. For sure, when they do that you will notice the move, just don’t be surprised!?

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