EUR/USD, the crucial level!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 27.01.

As I wrote in my previous EUR/USD analysis in 2016., the pair could stay in this level until some major central bank decision. Well, we have FED interest rate decision today, but could today’s decision be the stronger mover here? I doubt, because the market is expecting for FED to stay with rates on hold. Monetary policy statement could move the pair up or down and here are the levles to watch. On the way up, there is several strong resistance areas, starting with down trend line, 1.1000 resistance, daily MA100, daily MA200, stronger resistance and another down trend line. The buyers have a huge test in front and only above the 1.1070/1.1100 they can win the battle. Altough I expect one more bulls attempt to attack the 1.1000/100, the bears still have control, and you can see that on the previous attempts in the last two months. Be careful today and trade smart, don’t rush. All comments and views are welcome here for discussion.

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  • I’m long from yesterday from 1.08448 with target 1.0940. I think is enough for me, position is secured now,

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    • So, you’re target is near this first down trendline ? The pair is holding by H4/MA200 now. Do you see it?

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      • Yes, i saw that, but i thjnk H4/MA100 is strong enough to push the pair in uptrend again.

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  • You are expecting from buyers to try that 1.1000/100 again?


    • Yes I am, but this level is not for long entry now, because you can’t protect properly here, not before FOMC. You know that the pair could go up/down strong from the neutral level like this.


      • Ok. When you say it will go up, for sure it will. 🙂 Thank you.

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