USD/JPY, Kuroda and Amari are 'driving' the Jen today!

143 usd-jpy 10.06.

Kuroda had crashed Jen early today with his mixed comments, Amari recovered the Japanese currency latter. After Kuroda’s speech, USD/JPY fell for almost 200 pips and stoped the fall at 122.45, after wich the pair had halted there for a while, until Amari didn’t said, that Kuroda’s speech is misunderstood in the market!? Well, what ever that means, USD/JPY has recovered to 123.33 high, where the H4/MA100 stoped the recovery for now. It’s hard to analyse this pair between 123.75 and 122.00, all I can see is 122.80, the previous support from May 27. and today’s low at 122.45. Let’s see what next, is there anyone else from Japan for comment? 🙂

Swissquote DEMO reklama

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