BOJ, Interest Rate Decision!

A sign for the Bank of Japan is seen in Tokyo, Japan, Wednes

Bank of Japan Interest rate decision and Monetery policy statement is coming up at 03:00 h (GMT). The market is expecting from BOJ to keep the rates unchanged, as policy makers are belive that underlying inflation is improving. Altough, the low oil price and lower consuption is continues to push inflation away from the target of 2%, easing is not likely to be seen tonight. Main reason for such of decision could be that, the Governor Haruhiko Kuroda is optimistic of achieving the 2% inflation target soon. Anyway, his Monetary policy statement could shake the JPY tonight strong, that’s why stay on alert if you trade Japanese Jen.

03:00 h (GMT) – BOJ Interest Rate Decision!!! > Current 0,1%, Expectation 0,1%. Update> -0,1%!!!

  • BOJ eases monetary policy further!!! It decided to apply a negative deposit rate on some bank reserves. It added that further interest rate cut were possible if negative.!!! Inflation target expected to reach in 2017. or early 2018.

03:00 h (GMT) – BOJ Monetary Policy Statement!!!

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