BoJ, Interest Rate stays at -0.1%


Are you ready for Bazooka Abe? Early in the morning (European time) at aprox 03:30 h – 04:00 h GMT we have an important decision from the Bank of Japan. Starting with interest rate decision, monetary policy statement and press conference latter on. If you can remember what happened on July 29. during the last BOJ’s decision, I doubt that you will trade on this one, but I know it’s tempting and that you’re searching on some indication in wich way? Well, it could go both ways as you know, very strong if Abe continue with more easing and additional stimulans. That’s why it’s best for you to sleep over and set you’re clock alarm as usual, let’s say on 08:00 h, drink you’re coffe and read what happened. If you decide to trade anyway, I wish you good luck. Like luck has something to do with forex, it does not.

n/a 》BoJ Interest Rate Decision!!! ● Previous -0.1%, Consensus -0.1% > Update: Current -0.1%

n/a 》BoJ Monetary Policy Statement!!!

n/a 》BoJ Press Conference!!!

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