GOLD, shiny days!

mario urlic forex gold 04.02.

After the buyers have broke 1135/40, as I pointed in my gold analysis from February 02. the gold bulls will try to reach higher levels toward 1160/65 > 1190 and that is exactly what is happening now. 1140 provided a solid support today and the gold is heading toward next resistance levels, or like I would say in the days like this, toward the next target. I don’t see this as a place for the sellers, but as a place for additional boost when the same breaks. 1156 is minor resistance in my point of view, 1165 the stronger one. Let’s see how will this day ended. It’s shiny for now.



  • Mario, you think 1180 is posible?


    • The fear factor is obvious in the market, FED will not hike in 2016. and even the rate hike from December is mistake in my point of view. That’s why it’s possible, yes.


      • I said about this level in my article published in january 16

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  • Fabulous Mario.

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