Gold – Put the news on the side, what do we have technicaly?

gold 20.11.-2

My previous article wasn’t analysis on gold, I just wanted to show you how looks like ‘the up/down ride’ on the smaller time frame M15, coused by the news. I never do my analysis on small charts like that. What do we have technicaly after that ride we can see here at H4 chart. 1178/80 is shown as very strong support what I was mentioned several times, but it looks like gold is stuck here around 1292 level, 50.0 fibo of the October 21. –> November 07. fall, where the resistance/suport are changing roles. Based on this, gold is still looking bullish, aiming 1203/05 and 1208/10 stronger resitance. The second one was previous support from September 2014. Could bulls finaly manage to catch that level, let’s see. How do you see this traders?


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