The Swiss gold referendum polls return the gold back down!

gold 19.11.-2

There is no end of surprices on gold. Swiss gold referendum polls showed  38% support and 47% opposed and gold is turning down sharply for 20 $ in a 30 minutes. Stoped for now at support level aprox 1278, but could the support hold this strong attack and ignore the polls results? If support holds, that could be a quick way up back from the start and if it brakes, the bears are taking the control back in their hands. This is dangerous moments for trading, be very careful if you do!



  • Fantastic Mario.


  • What a crazy day on gold.

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    • That’s why I love gold the most of everything! 🙂


      • Way to go bro, this was awesome as always.

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        • Tnx bro, I closed both longs at 1195 and I am going home. It’s time for relaxing!


  • Bravo Mario, I have never seen the prediction like this one! 🙂

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    • Hahah, thanks Sandy! Been there, done that! 🙂


      • Are you in long?


        • Of course I am in with two accounts, 1180 and 1181!


  • There is FOMC coming up. Everything could happen here today!

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  • Wooow, sharp fall indeed. News, news, news!

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