GBP/USD, what a playground


Asian market loves to play with the GBP/USD, especially since they have crashed the Pound on October 07. That was a fet finger, yes you wish. As I wrote in my analysis that day, it will be extremely hard to find a technical support level in between the 1.2470 and 1.1940. As you can see, there was 2 attempts to reach 1.1940 again, but the buyers hold the decline at first at 1.2225 on a same day and yesterday at the 1.2090 zone. Are the sellers determinated enough to try again for 3rd time? They could be, if this resistance area can hold the buyers. Sure, as you sow in my yesterdays GBP/USD analysis how the players are searching for the SLs, everything is possible here in the coming days. That’s why you must be cautions all the time while trade this pair, because there are opportunities to take some nice pips here. Must say, it’s become more and more interesting to me.

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