GBP/USD, did someone remove the floor?


This is one of the reasons why I didn’t analyse the USD/GBP after Brexit and it was only a matter of time when something like this will happen. 662 pips slide in a matter of only 3 minutes was brutal last night, same as 530 pips return. I sow the move last night, but to be honest didn’t pay much attention on it. Who will trade something like this when you don’t have a clue what is going on, right!? I read today mostly in between the lines what was happend and why? Eamonn from wrote an article about views based on this move, you can read it there. I will still keep myself far away from the Pound in the future, will just follow from time to time.


  • Not necessarily.
    The differences between bottom , are large.
    1.19160 Pepperstone, 1.17125 Darwinex, IC Markets 1.1974, LMax 1.2019, 1.20361 City Index
    1.2020 Fxpro, 1.16496 Oanda, 1.21233 FXGLOBE, 1.1423, Tickmill???, FX Open 1.1991.
    HotForex 1.1625, 1.2031 InstaForex, Actvtrades 1.2010, Admiral Markets 1.1123 ???,
    1.19098 ETX, 1.19949 FXCM ,1.20266 XM, 1.2026 Forex4you .
    And spread was from 25 pips to 1000 pips, It depends on the broker.
    A link, where you can analyze, the spreads of this event.
    A nice weekend.

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    • Thanks, that’s insane. 😲 As I know, the ‘regular’ move was aprox 700 pips and my platform shows something like that. It’s VantageFX.


  • Uvjek kad se dogode slicni scenariji,npr. na paru EUR-USD u zadnjih 10-15 dana dva puta u sat vremena bez jakih-ikakvih-vijesti po 100 pipva bez nekog razloga sutra se nadu neka nerealna objasnjenja,ali ovakav pomak ,kao razlog aktiviranje članka 50 i tvrdi izlaz iz E.U.neces ti izjave -po sve to moze i ne biti.Mislim da su funtu sada razbili,sto je najgore ne vidim njen oporavak nego daljnje potonuce na nizim razinama…

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  • To other brokers, the fall was 1,500 pips. 🙂

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