ECB Interest rate decision, buckle up!


Can we see more stimulans from the ECB today? As I see it, it’s more likely to see an aditional stimulans from Draghi, then not. He promised for several times to do whatever it takes to keep the economy in good shape, with the likelihood of more stimulus to be announced. Let’s face it, the economy is far away from good shape and today he have a chance to keep true to his words. He could fail to act and keep promising as well, but that’s not the solution for his problems in a long term period. In that case, the possible positive reaction in favor of the euro will not help them in inflation recovery. Anyhow, this will be a very interesting day. Buckle up and don’t jump into the market when the firework starts. It’s better not to trade if you don’t know how the market will react on the important news like this one. For those who knows that, happy pips hunting.

12:45 h (GMT) – ECB Interest rate decision!!! 》 Previous 0,05%. Expectation 0,05%. > Update: 0,00%!!!

12:45 h (GMT) – ECB deposit rate decision!!! 》Previous -0,03%.  Expectation -0,04%. > Update -0,04%!!!

News! ECB cuts all interest rates, increases QE to 80 billion and announces  4 new TLRTO’s.


13:30 h (GMT) – ECB Monetary policy statement and press conference!!! Coming up!

Press conference following the meeting of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, March 10.2016. in Frankfurt am Main, Germany , starting at 13:30 h (GMT) >> LIVE webcast

  • Introductory statement by Mario Draghi, President of the ECB.
  • Question and answer session. Registered journalists pose questions to Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, and to Vítor Constâncio, Vice-President of the ECB.


  • Congratulation on prediction for more stimulans from Draghi, nice move my friend.

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  • More stimulans and we could see 1.0500 again.


    • As I said, I expected this rate cut and more stimulans and based on the ECB move, euro decline was inevitable. How low? 1.0820 hold for now, if breaks, 1.0700 will be much more important and interesting level to watch. Btw. Nice prediction for more stimulans as well. 😉 Follow the Press Conference, they could ‘launch’ some bomb as always!

      Check support levels in my last EUR/USD analysis from March 08. >


      • Not only that 1.0820 hold this, but it skyrocket the euro from that support. You always write about targets insted of supports when you are sure it will go down, but not today, why? I have not notice that in a first place, my bad. 😦 I was short and I did not close the position at 1.0820. 😦


        • Because, this wasn’t a classical monetary easing and only a rate cut, there was also an aditional messures which could help recovery concretely. That’s why the investors have turned back into euro. I told you that they will drop some bomb during the press conference. Draghi is derminated to return the inflation near 2% and he use all what he have.


  • Then its more likely to EUR to start bull again ! 1.09007 will be support I will look for reaction !


  • Sve je moguce,ipak mislim da ovaj put nece razocarati trziste jer sto ce sa skupim eurom 115 – 117 nikako ne odgovara! A uvjek je moguce da ako i sve napravi da euro nastavi jacati nakon nekog vremena ali to ce odrediti FED u nadolazecim sjednicama vezano za kamat.stope! Ja nastojim docekati cjenu na 110 – 110.30 za short prije objave ako ne ulazim gde stignem i riskirat cu 100 pipova – , za 300 pipova + pa ce mo viditi nakon vatrometa…..


  • MR Mario WHAT you think Today Eur Go More Down or change Trend to UP?


    • I am not ready yet for this big moves but i will watch it and learn from it 😀



        Kakvo razocaraje,izasao sa 40 pipova minusa,a imao140 pipova plusa ,i sad jos cjena raste.Bio je pao server u 13 43h po nasem vremenu pa nisi mogao izdati nalog,ja sam usao 5 nin,prije na 109.82 short i sve to uzalud ,bas tragicno….


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