EUR/USD, are you surprised with this move?

mario urlic forex eur-usd 04.03.

For sure I am not! I wrote before two days in my EUR/USD analysis that, something like this will happen and that the stops are in danger in around this level, above the technical strong resistances. After the NFP data was out much stronger then expectation, many of the small retail traders tought that the US dollar will benefit huge from that, but that was only the trigger for this move. The big players decided to go lower at first at 1.0900, after witch they have turn over the game and boost the euro stongly up in a sharp moves to 1.1026, back down again to 1.0960 and then again up to daily MA200, with high of 1.1042. This was a fantastic move, although I know that many of you are screwed today. It’s not only a matter that I was wright about this, but I am trilled on how they have ‘played’ this move, exactly how I pointed it could happen in my previous analysis. Well, this is the price you have to pay anyway for the next time. I just hope that you have learned something from this. Enjoy you’re weekend traders, next week could be excited as this one, maybe more. I can’t wait.  Btw. It’s not easy to analyse now, I will wait for the next week, until the dust settles. 😉


  • preveliko iskustvo, stvarno fenomenalno.

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  • Your Analysis Always amazing….


    • Nakon jucerasnjeg ulaza na long danas 10 min. prije objave vijesti izlaz sa 104 pipa +,razmisljm i govorim neces vise na vijesti ulazit te vidim dobru objavu podataka isti cas udem u sort u jednom trenu sam imao 300 eura + na kraju sam izasao sa 30 pipa-,zakljucak prosao sam odlicno! No eto i uz dobre podatke USD nije ojacao a to sam prizeljkivao zbog boje pozicije za sort, isto kao i nas kralj Mario s odusevljenjem ocekujem iduci tjedan i zelim nam svima sto vise pipova!

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      • Da, iako za mene očekivan potez, jako specifičan dan sa puno brzih i jakih preokreta. Teško se snaći ako ne znaš kako će market reagirati u ovom trenutku. Bitno da nisi ništa izgubio, jer na forexu je čak i nula veliki uspjeh u ovakvim danima. Ja nisam trgovao, kako sam i rekao danas.
        Even this was expected move from me, it was a specific day with lots of sharp turnovers. It hard to react if you don’t know how the market will react in such a moments. It’s important that you didn’t lose anything, even zero is huge success in a days like this. I didn’t trade as I said today.


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