EUR/USD, bears are preparing for the ECB!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 03.03.

Boring week on EUR/USD and it’s not a surprise if we know that the ECB and Mr.Draghi is coming with Interest Rates next week. The euro is finaly caught the air after 4 days on pressure and it bounced from the support at 1.0820/30, but a quite strong resistance is on the way up. At first, there is daily MA100 and trend line at 1.0935, after wich is coming very strong resistance at 1.0960/80. If the sellers are expecting furder move from the ECB, they could try to ‘refuel’ short positions higher before the meeting on Thursday March 10. There is also an NFP and the US unemployment rate for Ferbuary tomorow, which is also a very important data for the US dollar. It could become interesting soon, but I will wait for the ECB decision to trade here. How about you, what’s you’re view?


  • At this moment I am thinking that you must be a broker from Citi or Deutche Bank, Barclays maybe? How in the hell you can predict a move like this? And this not a first time, I know that. Talk to me Mario. 🙂


    • Hahahah, 🙂 I am working at the Aureus Invest Hedge Fund, we are bigger then those small boys. 😉


  • One more extremely accurate prediction. Incredible.

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  • Ovaj danasnji rast bi mogao biti kalkulisanje za NFP sutra. Vase misljenje?


    • Nije samo pitanje NFP, više ECB odluike slijedeći tjedan. Pitanje je hoće li ECB slijedeći tjedan još pojačati mjere? Zbog toga je moguće da će prodavači malo tražiti likvidnost prema gore.

      It’s not only a matter of the NFP, but the ECB’s decision next week. It’s a question whether the ECB further tighten monetary policy next week? Because of that it’s possible for the sellers to search for liquidity higher.


      • Prije sam spominjao ECB odluku,pa se pripremem za ulazak u sort naravno,Ocekujem od Marija dodatno labavljenje monet.polit. kroz mehanizme koje imaju sredisnje banke.Danas sam procitao jedan post gdje neki analiticari ocekuju ponovno razocarenje te rast tog para na 117,nadam se da tako nece biti vise me muci sutrasnji podaci NFP nebi volio da budu puno veci od ocekivanih 190 tisuca jer ce USD odmah poceti rasti pa se nebi dobro pozicionirao,no vidit ce mo! Inace danas kad je cijena probila trend liniju 1.08 60 usao sam u long to ce biti na kratko i ne izgleda lose u plusu sam nekih 50 pipova vidim sad je izasla iz kanala izgleda obecavajuce…

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