EUR/USD, in between the MA’s 100 and 200!

mario urlic eur-usd 08.03.

After interesting last week and especialy Friday, the EUR/USD is settle in between the daily MA100 and 200, with slightly bullish tone. We know that, the Friday’s move was forced by the big players in expectation of the ECB’s meeting in this Thursday, March 10. Could we expect furder easing from Draghi? Yes we can and for sure that this will be a very interesting week, with the euro in the main role. If we take a look at technical levels now, we can see the 1.0900 support on the down side and the 1.1050 resistance on the up side. Those levels are the daily MA’s, 100 down and 200 up, stronger levels are bellow and above the mentioned moving averages. It’s not easy to find a good position now, not before the very important decision on Thursday and it will stay like that until the same, after wich we could see some strong moves in the market. I will analyse the pair on Thursday morning, before the ECB’s interest decision. In the meantime I will observe and search for the possible entry points. For sure, this will be the main event of the month!

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